Marketing Madness: 3 Events You'll Want a Promotional T-Shirt For

on Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Marketing Madness

When it comes to marketing, most business owners are looking for the most successful, and affordable, way to promote their company's products or services. An excellent way companies can promote their company, with relatively little cost, is to print company t-shirts. In fact, having promotional t-shirts printed for your business can create a low cost marketing madness frenzy. The perfect time to give away promotional t-shirts is at special events. This is done in an effort to drum up more business and to expand a company's marketing territory. Below you will find three events that you will undoubtedly want to have a promotional t-shirt made for in order to participate in cost-effective marketing madness.


When you and your team members are attending a conference, you should have promotional t-shirts printed. Team members can wear the printed t-shirts to make themselves easily identifiable as members of your team. In addition to wearing the t-shirt, the company owner and other team members can also pass out the promotional t-shirt to those they meet at the conference. A compelling or amusing t-shirt will often cause a stir, and make people want to get their hands on your company's shirt. If you or your team members are being sought out for your t-shirts, it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and to create new network connections.

Trade Shows

Trade shows often attract massive crowds of people who are interested in new products or services. Many trade shows are themed. For instance, your company could attend a craft trade show, a home and garden trade show, a diy trade show, etc. What this means is participants at a particular trade show will likely have similar products and services. This means there will likely be a great deal of competition for business at these events. In this situation, a promotional t-shirt can help your company stand out from others at the same trade show. Your company's ability to stand out in a crowd could attract new customers.

Fundraiser Campaigns

If your company is sponsoring a fundraising campaign, you definitely want to create promotional t-shirts. For one, people who participate in fundraising events, such as charity walks, like to have a souvenir of their adventure. Their pride in completing the event will likely lead them to wear the t-shirt on more than one occasion. So not only will your company receive acknowledgement for sponsoring the event, but they will also get a great deal of free advertising as well.

Making sure your company has promotional t-shirts for any of the events listed above will help you create a strong marketing campaign. Since t-shirts are popular items of clothing that nearly everyone wears, a promotional t-shirt can create years of potential advertising. Initially, you will have to absorb the cost of producing the t-shirts, but the amount of advertising a business can generate from promotional t-shirts will surely outweigh the costs of the original printing cost. Create marketing madness for your business by preparing for your company's next special event today.

Kathryn Thornton has worked in the marketing industry for many years. She shares her tips on promotional marketing at a wide range of blogs online. Visit Phoenix Direct for promotional printing supply solutions.