How to say goodbye to Facebook

on Sunday, 3 March 2013

With over 1,000 million users worldwide and is ubiquitous seems rare to find someone who does not have a profile on the social network's biggest Internet ... Although more and more people -in a way-even anecdotal is derecognised and Facebook had seen their population for the first time in early 2013.

The reasons for leaving the social network are varied:

  • Boredom
  • Saturation
  • Privacy issues
  • Continuous changes in the network, of which only informs its users
  • Addiction

Some have gone so far as to announce with fanfare why they left this network. But what should we do if we want to leave Facebook in an elegant, well off the bill?

  • First, post in our profile we will delete our profile. So we notified our contacts, we give them time to ask an alternate contact (if not already have), we present our reasons and no one thinks that, all of a sudden we have been swallowed by the earth, or have them blocked or removed. In real life, when one goes to a warning, right? As social media is essential to maintain a certain "netiquette".
  • We left a couple of days of margin to ensure that the contacts that we really care about (and who care about us) know of our decision.
  • And proceed to delete the account following the tedious and complex process that Facebook has established to restore freedom.

Note that the social network allows "Disable" account or "elimination". If deactivate, cease to be active until you please retrieve it-and what you can do with your username and password. But if you eliminate will be forever and you will lose everything you have shared and posted so far.

And you, leave Facebook, you have faced? On what grounds? We hope your feedback .