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on Friday, 1 March 2013

Fines WordPress theme

Fines Free Premium WordPress theme is very popular. This theme has a cool and attractive look to it. Moreover, it can be used in official websites. This free WordPress theme comes with option page. It supports post thumbnails as well.

This theme is suitable for any niche. However, most people like it because it looks good if your website is about games, online games, or entertainment or blog. Therefore, if you are considering to design a website or blog on gaming and entertainment niches, then you should highly consider this theme.


As you probably know, this theme provides its user’s with different features. These features do not only make it unique, but will also make your website or blog unique. Some of these features are:
ü  It has an easy to use options page
ü  It is Featured Image Ready
ü  It has 125x125 banners that are ready for use. Moreover, they are easy edited through admin options.
ü  This theme is Compatible with latest WordPress versions and the previous ones
ü  This theme is Widgets Ready
ü  The theme is SEO Optimized and it is SEO friendly
ü  It has a Fixed width making it cool and attractive
ü  It offers Gravatar on Comments
ü  This theme is tested and it is compatible with all major browsers: like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome and others.

This theme can be found in three major versions. These versions are:

1.       Free version: this version is available for bloggers. Even though it is free, it has some uses like:
·         It can be used on different domains
·         You can use it on your personal and commercial projects
·         It is free to update it and it fixes bug problems

This version is free to get and use. It is available to everyone.

2.       Standard version: the standard version is available to websites and blogs. This version is better for personal projects or commercial. You can get this version for only $29.95. The fee is a one-time thing.

3.       Developer version: if you are a website designer, then this version is the best for you, especially to those who want to own a website or for a client. This version is available at $49.95. The fee is also a one-time thing.

Demo and Download

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