Best servers to host files or make money with file downloads

By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 7 March 2013

How to Make Money Online with File Hosting

Yes, there is a new way to make money online. From downloads, every time someone downloads a file from your uploading account you earn money. Your payment will be made directly to your Paypal account.

Here are 6 best servers to host files and make money with file downloads.


A HostFile paying up to $ 60 per 1000 downloads.
Provides for uploading files .
FTP Upload , your payment method is via paypal and alertpay
Pay to reach the minimum which is 20 euros
Link to the site ...FIBERUPLOAD.COM

FIBERUPLOAD fee schedule

Earn money with fiberupload.


2. a filehost you can get to pay you up to $ 60 per 1000 downloads of files . Today is a host that is being used by many uploader to upload and share your files .
Link to Website ...! CRAMIT.IN

CRAMIT fee schedule

Cramit provides for uploading files
File upload, Remote Upload, Multi host download, torrent download , ftp upload , upload Metalink.
Your payment method is by
Paypal, Moneybookers , Alertpay
Minimum payment.

Any amount accumulated


Like , this HostFile is of Russian origin, which ensures that your files are not problems to be eliminated by copyright policies. Shareflare can expect to pay up to $ 33 per 1000 downloads.
SIGN ..!

Payout Shareflare

 It is one of the best filehost paying for downloads and therefore is giving very good results at the uploader who share your files . pay via paypal and minimum payment required is $ 15, your payments are made ​​every Monday once you have accumulated the minimum.
SIGN IN ...!


HostFile is paying up to $ 100 dollars for every 10,000 downloads files .


In only takes into account the files with a volume greater than 100 MB. So if you plan to use this host to upload files lower weight not gain anything.

Only completed downloads are counted.

The payment shall be made when revenues have exceeded $ 50 Payment method is through bank transfer, PayPal, check or E-gold.

Netload provides for uploading files , web upload or uploaded from the web, remote and FTP upload.
Link to ....! ! NETLOAD.IN


Filefactory takes time paying for downloads of files, is a reliable host has always paid its users. With filefactory, you can earn up to $20 per 1000 downloads of files .


Payments range Filefactory ...!

Filefactory offers for downloading files FTP upload, Remote upload and upload web.

Pay by Paypal but have other payment options you can select, Filefactory paid on the spot at least $20 dollars, the payments can apply at any time. Also automatically pays the first days of each month as long as you reach the minimum of $20.

Link Yourself A. ..! FILEFACTORY.COM


One of the current host is being used by many Internet users to make money from downloads of their files.
Register Here ...!

Rapidgator Payout Table

Rapidgator provides for uploading files
Fast Web, FTP upload and Remote upload.
Method of payment
Pay every week on Thursdays.
The minimum payout is $ 20, paid by Webmoney Rapidgator or paypal.



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