Best servers to host files or make money with file downloads

on Thursday, 7 March 2013

How to Make Money Online with File Hosting

Note: This post was original written posted on 2013, and since has been updated and rewritten from scratch.

Yes, there is a new way to make money online. From downloads, every time someone downloads a file from your uploading account you earn money. Your payment will be made directly to your Paypal account.

Here are 6 best servers to host files and make money with file downloads.

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1. ShareCash -

ShareCash is a simple storing and sharing files online site which has a one-of-a-kind idea. makes it possible for members to put back into the toybox their files by uploading data files to their website and above all, ShareCash let members make money online when there are people in general downloading the data files uploaded only by members.


This is another top listed ppd network. With, you can make money up to $21 per 1000 complete downloads. If you're someone that owns a website & have good traffic then UploadOcean can provide you faster payments, free premium accounts, banner exchange, fixed revenue money generated on downloads !

And in fact now days it's the top Pay Per Download Website, you can utilize it for Earn Money From Home. As you Get paid money to upload your files by using the best PPD networks. The bare minimum payout is $10 via Paytm, mobokwik, payza, paypal, check and bank deposit India.


In today's world people in general don’t host/store their data files on computer, and neither you. These people upload their data files to over the internet File Sharing websites. Many file hosting sites are extremely upsetting, they will pay you per download but they don’t actually pay much and your particular viewers get confused and download the advertizements not the exact file. Here I have come to show you how easier is to make money from one of the best paying file sharing sites.


Filefactory takes time paying for downloads of files, is a reliable host has always paid its users. With filefactory, you can earn up to $20 per 1000 downloads of files .


Payments range Filefactory ...!

Filefactory offers for downloading files FTP upload, Remote upload and upload web.

Pay by Paypal but have other payment options you can select, Filefactory paid on the spot at least $20 dollars, the payments can apply at any time. Also automatically pays the first days of each month as long as you reach the minimum of $20.

Link Yourself A. ..! FILEFACTORY.COM


One of the current host is being used by many Internet users to make money from downloads of their files.
Register Here ...!

Rapidgator Payout Table

Rapidgator provides for uploading files
Fast Web, FTP upload and Remote upload.
Method of payment
Pay every week on Thursdays.
The minimum payout is $ 20, paid by Webmoney Rapidgator or paypal.



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