Best free web analytic tools

on Wednesday, 13 March 2013

If you have a website, you'll need to use tools that analyze your visitors to see if your site is visited or not. Sites statistical tools are there to help you know the traffic to your site including the number of visitors, number of page views, ...

In analyzing the data, these tools will give, you can improve your website so that visitors have more.

Some sites offer very detailed statistics with eg visitors' browsers, operating systems, the size of the screen, the origin of visitors ( a search engine, another website. .. ), ... The list goes on.

This list of statistical tools is not complete, it is particularly good sites that are presented here. If you know others who might complete this list, I would appreciate complete the form to add a statistics tool .

List of statistical tools

Name icon issueDisplay logo icon issueLanguageComment
103beesUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools for blog and website with a focus on SEO
WebsitestatscheckerUnknownEnglishOffer free services for all sites, website statistics, website reviews and SEO tools for website owners or any site on the internet

Click TracksUnknownEnglishA tracking tool for professionals and businesses that displays visitor navigation directly on the pages of your site.
ClickabilityUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools and statistical
ClickfoxUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools that provides recommendations
ClickstreamUnknownEnglishAnalysis tool for hosters
CoremetricsUnknownEnglishAnalysis software
CrazyeggUnknownEnglishProvides "HeatMap" to know which links your visitors click more often

ExtremetrackingMandatoryEnglishTracker free example =>
FeedBurnerUnknownEnglishStatistical tools to RSS (acquired by Google)

FireclickUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools
GetClickyNotEnglishMany options but paying.

hitslinkUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools in real time (for professionals)

IndextoolsUnknownEnglishProvides tools for tracking, one of which gives an idea of ​​your visitor navigation
intellitrackerUnknownEnglishAnalysis software for business

iPerceptionsUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools predictions of the behavior of your visitors

MaxamineUnknownEnglishComplete analytical solution
Measure MapUnknownEnglishOnline application to analyze traffic blogs (acquired by Google)

metriserveUnknownEnglishStatistical tools, which provides in particular a widget (for Windows Vista and Mac OS X)
MintUnknownEnglishAnalyzes the traffic flow ...


Nielsen / / NetRatingsUnknownEnglish

OneStatUnknownEnglishStatistical analysis package
Optimal IQUnknownEnglishProvides tools for marketing
Oracle and MoniforceUnknownEnglishStatistical package solutions (2 versions depending on the size of the site)
PerformancingUnknownEnglishDetailed statistics about visitors (for business and blog)
PheedoUnknownEnglishStatistical tools to RSS

QuovaUnknownEnglishanalysis software to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies by region
ReinvigorateUnknownEnglishAnalysis tools with Downloadable application (Windows and Mac)
rkrt statsUnknownEnglish
SAS Web AnalyticsUnknownEnglish

Site MeterUnknownEnglishBasic tool free with a premium version that offers more functionality

StatCounterUnknownEnglishBasic analysis tool for sites with less than 250,000 Vu / Month
TechnoratiUnknownEnglishAnalyzing the popularity of blogs (as inbound links)

UnicaUnknownEnglishProvides a package of analytical tools for business
visitorvilleUnknownEnglishWindows application which displays your traffic through a small town (symbolizing your site)

WebtraffIQUnknownEnglishPackage traffic analysis

webtrendsUnknownEnglishOne of the most popular apps for a while, offering different solutions and packages for different categories of professional websites.


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