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on Thursday, 7 March 2013

How to make lots of money with Adfly

Adfly is a URL shortener that you can earn money on a CPM basis of a (x number $ per 1000 views) I here a few months experience. I have here some tips and ways for you to earn money with Adfly You can register here

1. Youtube 

As you already know, YouTube is one of the major sites on the internet and this is from my experience the best way to earn money with adfly. What is the trick of Adfly and Youtube is a good video where viewers have a good reason for your Adfly link. A good video can be 60% to 70% of the Youtube views into Adfly views. You must ensure that your video easily found through the appropriate tags. In order to make the correct video you must have an idea what is currently hot. For example, you post a video of a trailer for a movie and you put in the description a link where you can watch the movie. The same can be done with games. But you must be sure that you often upload new content.

2. Facebook & Twitter 

  • Social media is also a good way to get views on your adfly links. Here are some tips: 
  • Create a Fan page. 
  • Create unique content and useful content. 
  • When sharing always use your links 

3. Yahoo Answers 

The third tips is Yahoo Answers. This is a site where people ask questions. You can answer these questions and an adfly link to additional information.

4. Forums 

You can also use the forums to get clicks. But notice that it is not SPAM. You could be a tip about software mods or games on a forum and put a adfly link to a download site.

These were some tips for Adfly. How much you can earn here is totally dependent on the CPM. In America, the CPM is much higher than in example servie, etc. Have questions about this way of making money, you can always PM me or you can send your question below drop!