20+ websites that pay you to write

on Friday, 1 March 2013

There are several ways you can earn money with writing jobs online. Internet has created an abundance of writing opportunities that can help you make more money or earn a living.

Today I decided to complete this section with 20 plus additional sites that will allow you to earn money through your writing talents.

Nothing complicated, if you can able to write good articles without spelling mistakes, then this is for you.

websites that pay you to write

1. Sponsored Reviews

2. Link Post

3. Review Me

4. Shvoong

5. Smorty

6. PayPerPost

7. 451 Press

8. Be A Guide (About.Com)

9. BlogBurner

10. Bloggerwave

11. Blogitive

12. Blogsvertise

13. Blog To Profit

14. BOTW Media

15. Creative Weblogging

16. DayTipper

17. Digital Journal

18. Helium

19. In Blog Ads

20. LoudLaunch

21. Squidoo

22. Weblogs Inc

23. Wise Bread

24. B5media