2 Alternative To BuySellAds

on Friday, 1 March 2013

For those not familiar BuySellAds.com is an advertising marketplace very well known and used by major sites.

Through this service it is possible for publishers to sell advertising space on your website / blog.
To confirm the quality of the service selection criteria to be met so that your site / blog is approved. To summarize the main


  • It is forbidden for adults and content that infringes copyright 
  • you need to have 100,000 visitors per month and therefore a good ranking on Alexa and high credibility 
  • The blog must be mature, with a clean look and updated regularly 
  • must not already be This many other advertising with other services (eg Google Adsense) 
  • Free blogging platforms such as e.g. Blogspot are not covered
I remember that the service is compatible with Google Adsense and the payment is paid through Paypal.
For those who could not meet these criteria, you can use two similar services where approval is immediate, AdTaily and Puxee.

I honestly do not know the second, I just know that it is a recent and promising service.

I can talk about AdTaily, the service is simple and efficient. Just register for free, add your website, customize the widget (layout, text etc ...) and immediately begin to sell advertising space. As soon as there is a request you will be automatically notified by e-mail, and you can moderate it deciding whether or not to accept the campaign.

features that I liked the most are multilingualism, an estimate of the cost of the advertising space in automatic statistics by Google Analytics (obviously You can also set custom prices), ability to set custom durations than those established and discounts. Payment is via Paypal.

Choose the service that most inspires you and start working with it, could be an additional source of income for your website/blog!