What is macintosh operating system

on Sunday, 10 February 2013

macintosh operating system

A Macintosh is a personal computer that uses a version of the Mac OS operating system and is part of a family of desktop and laptop computers developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

Why Macintosh?

The word "Macintosh" has become a very important brand in the world of technology. That word was the one that chose Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin to name one of the computers in the history of computing.

As we know, Jobs was co-founder of Apple Computer, and Raskin was the creator of the Macintosh. Apple's computers have that name because the favorite apple variety Raskin was the variety McIntosh . The name of the company that made the computer is "Apple" so it is expected that one of its products had the name of a variety of apple, at least in those early years of the company, since we now know that the products Apple, Macintosh addition, no names of types of blocks.

The origin of "Macintosh"

We said earlier that the McIntosh clan had to do with Apple computers, and that was John McIntosh who discovered the variety of apple that gives name to the Mac

John McIntosh found in one of its properties, near Ontario, Canada, in 1796, several trees that had grown wildly, and planted them in his garden. Only one survived from that tree and have been producing all other McIntosh apples.

McIntosh was born in New York, but his family was of Scottish origin, hence the name of Macintosh computers is indirectly linked to the Scottish clan McIntosh, or MacKintosh (another spelling of the name).

On the other hand, Apple could have named your computer just like the name of the block, but the name was taken by a company of audio, so to avoid legal problems, they added an "a" to the word and ended up being "Macintosh" instead of "McIntosh".

Just in case you were curious: the etymology of "McIntosh" comes from the Gaelic "Mac" and "Toisich" words that together mean "son of the boss."

The first Mac

The first computer that made ​​Apple was the Apple I and was released in 1976, but the first computer with the name "Macintosh" was released in 1984 and since then Apple has sold a number of their equipment with that name, with the abbreviation Name (Mac) or creating compound words to add Mac to another, as would be the word "MacBook" or "iMac".