What is linux operating system used for

on Tuesday, 12 February 2013

what is linux used for
Linux is a computer operating system that was launched in 1991 as an open-source project of the Finnish student Linus Torvalds in life. This kernel (kernel) is the interface between hardware and software and enables user programs to access the components of the computer, such as memory, hard drive, keyboard and mouse, printer interfaces, etc..

With the kernel alone is not productive work at the computer is possible. Basis of additional system administration and application software is required, such as system programs to initialize the devices connected to the computer, and of course the applications that are user-controlled interactive ("Office" applications, games, program development software). Founded in 1984 by Richard Stallman 's GNU project has set a goal (and long reach), a full suite of software applications for Unix-like operating systems under a special license, the GNU General Public License create. This Free software license allows - in contrast to the known proprietary license models - reproduce the Software to taste and share, develop and even sell, provided that the recipient of the software get back the same rights and the full source code of the creation of the software is required, is available. This license under which even the Linux operating system kernel is, has made it possible for Linux and GNU have experienced in the history of computer application unique, explosive growth, and are becoming increasingly popular.

The combination of the Linux kernel and GNU software is "politically correct" known as GNU / Linux, with Linux, however, the acronym naturalized as an abbreviation for GNU / Linux in general usage.

GNU / Linux is now a stable and reliable platform for a variety of applications. The focus on the design of the Linux operating system kernel and the GNU software system has traditionally been on the stability, security and flexibility of use, which GNU / Linux for server applications makes in terms of ease of maintenance and reliability as the preferred operating system. With the introduction of desktop environments like KDE and GNOME, GNU / Linux, but now also in the ease of a good choice. The number of software products available for Linux, commercial or not exceeds today that of any other operating system and continues to grow explosively.

Although Linux and most GNU software can free download over the Internet, several manufacturers sell a collection of representative software for Linux to easily installable on a CD or DVD, including a printed manual and support. These sets are referred to as distributions ..

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