What do you mean by digital marketing

on Tuesday, 19 February 2013

digital campaign definition

What is digital marketing (definition)? 

Digital marketing is a new discipline of marketing and communication. It covers any transaction marketing strategy to promote products and services through a medium or a communication channel digital or digital.

Concepts and keywords associated with digital marketing 

Digital marketing, digital targeting, customer vision 360 ° , multi-channel strategy

Digital marketing: how it works? 

With the development of web and mobile phones worldwide, communication channels multiply. These new channels which communicate to the consumers provide new opportunities for targeting players for Direct Marketing and advertisers. Among other new channels of communication: social networks, mobile phones, interactive television, the "advergaming" or product placement in video games. Channels from the digital marketing associate with more traditional channels operated by direct marketing to develop real multi-strategies. The goal is to integrate all communication channels to enhance customer knowledge of all possible interactions between an individual and a brand and develop the communication and the most personalized and therefore more effective with it.

Profits and benefits of digital marketing 

By integrating digital marketing strategy in its global channel marketing, an advertiser has new targeting opportunities. Technological developments also enable it to benefit through this enrichment of its data in real time and to have behavioral data (navigation data and transactional data). Internet, for example, we can know who opened a letter, when and what time the person will be in contact with the brand.