Technology and the Electronic Cigarette

on Saturday, 23 February 2013

For centuries tobacco cigarettes have been using the same technology. A smoker in the 18th century had much the same experience as any smoker today. The cigarette was comprised of dried tobacco and wrapped in a special paper, generally with a filter on the puffing end. The cigarette burned and smoked whether or not it was actually being smoked.
Electronic Cigarette

But, technology, as it has done in so many other arenas, has given smokers a whole new option: the electronic cigarette.  The various technological components that make up the e-cig have evolved greatly over the decades to be able to fit into the shape and size of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The device these components come together to create is not even one that burns, but rather one that can simulate the whole smoking experience without a match being lit or any tobacco being present.

The fact that a device as tiny as a cigarette can a sensor, battery, LED light, microprocessor, and heating element, all safe enough to be held within the user’s lips is certainly the wonders of technology at work. The smoking experience is nearly identical to the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. The user puffs on the cigarette to create a vapor that is then inhaled, delivering nicotine to the user.

What you will find different in using an electronic cigarette is that there is some preparatory work involved. If you are thinking about going outside and having a “smoke” you will first need to make sure that your battery is charged. No worries though, you will be able to charge your batteries with a wall charger, car charge or USB charger. You will also need to make sure that the cartridge is full. If the cartridge needs a refill you have the choice between refilling your own, or simply purchasing disposable cartridges.

You also have the option to fully customize your electronic cigarettes. Many brands offer you the option to choose the color of your LED light, and the color and length of your electronic cigarette. There are also hundreds of flavor options for your cartridges. Some of these options are more traditional, mimicking the taste of tobacco cigarettes, and some are much more created and gourmet. Many BLU e-cig users have an assortment of flavored cartridges, so that they can be ready to match whatever mood or craving they happen to have. Vanilla anyone?