SEO Tips For New Facebook Graph Search

on Wednesday, 6 February 2013

With the recent announcement of the new Facebook Graph Search, many business owners are wondering, "How I can make sure my business will be in the new Facebook search?"

Do not worry, Facebook itself has already shared some tips to help you to appear in searches. What you need to know about Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search SEO

The search for Facebook Graph could become a very effective local search engine and good recommendations. Here are a few things you should know before you get to the tips of visibility of Facebook:

Although only available for a limited number of users at first, finding local search Facebook Graph offer from day one.

The search results for Facebook Graph will be created by a combination of information generated and shared by the company in the pages of Facebook and the connections of the person performing the search (friends, likes, etc..)

Having a Facebook page for your business certainly will help (a lot), but not required - businesses can appear if customers or someone else has been added as a "place".

This last point is important, because you may be billed as a "place" without having a Facebook page.

Facebook says its new search bar will return "top search suggestions, including people, pages, applications, places, groups, and suggested searches" - notice how "Pages" and "places" are listed separately.

Here are some SEO tips for Facebook Graph Search:

This new search will allow Facebook users to search as "Restaurants that my friends have been" (Facebook check-ins) and "hairdressers like my friends" (following pages), along with the most basic "hotels in Alicante" (local search).

The business page is what a small company can control the maximum, and so we give you three specific tips that focus on optimization for the search in the social graph on Facebook:

  • The name, category, URL, and information sharing in the "About" all the people who help you find your business has to be shared on Facebook.
  • If you have a location or a local site page, update your address to make sure it can appear as a result when someone is looking for a specific place.
  • Focus on attracting fans of the page and give them a reason to interact with your content continuously.

No doubt, as the new Facebook search becomes wider in the coming months, some companies SEO consulting and social media marketing will do their best to find a way to gain visibility into the results. But for now, Facebook's own tips are a good reminder of how to use pages to promote a business in the Facebook ecosystem.
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