iPhone 5, new features for professionals and companies

on Friday, 15 February 2013

With the release of the new iPhone 5, becomes one of the most desired mobile devices on the market (although the announcement of this new phone has caused some disappointment to many analysts). The Apple team has become over the years one of the terminals that generate greater demand in the professional environment. The operating system of the company is renowned for its extensive security and application platform with which account. We tell you the main improvements oriented career field that incorporates iPhone 5 through the new version of iOS 6.

With the launch of the iPhone 5 devices Apple has also introduced kindle fire 2 cases new, stylish and affordable iPhone 5 covers and cases. One feature that improves the security of data stored on your computer and that already incorporate other platforms such as Android or Windows Phone is the ability to track your phone and erasure of data remotely. Through the work platform and network storage iCloud, the user can see the location of your phone on a map (using GPS tracking), lock the phone with a four-digit code to prevent access to the contents Mobile or add a contact telephone number to appear on the screen in case of loss or theft.

Furthermore, in extreme cases the user can choose to delete all data in the terminal. A new feature that can also be a major asset in the professional field is the ability to make video calls via FaceTime tool from mobile phone networks (until now was only available with WiFi networks. Though this feature represents a major expense data is useful in case of traveling and have the need for an urgent connection with another coworker.

Another new functional when using the phone at work is the ability to automatically reject incoming calls, if we are to maintain such an important meeting. So "do not disturb" can also be programmed for a specific schedule. In addition, the user can set sending an automatic text message to warn that call later or enter as a reminder alarm to remind you to return the call.

Tool Apple for networking and store important data in the cloud, iCloud, a stop is unavoidable if we work with important information on the iPhone. This system creates backups of personal data contained in the device, such as music, information from apps or settings. To restore information to the computer must be connected to WiFi and then enter the platform with identifying iCloud Apple.

The new version of Apple's operating system iOS 6 has been little emphasis on improving the professional functions of the devices (just a few minor tweaks draft). However, by its attractiveness and safety of boasting in your mobile system Apple iPhone 5 is going to be definitely a tool in high demand by the professional world.