How To Check Wordpress Theme Name

on Saturday, 2 February 2013

What WordPress theme that uses web?

Wordpress Theme Name

It is one of the questions most read in the forums WordPress, which arouses curiosity when we see a website that we like and we wonder what WordPress theme that uses web?.

And, although it is not always easy to guess the topic using a web, since in many cases changed references to it, if we have some tricks to try to guess when there is no reference to the theme used in the same web, quite common.

1. Edit

The first method to guess the theme that I use is to view the source code of the website in question. From the right click of any modern have access to view the web code being displayed, and a simple search for the string "wp-content/themes /" we "blow" the name of the active theme folder in the first reference to it, which will normally be at the head of the code, in the call to the stylesheet ...


2. Inspect element stylesheet header

A similar method is to access the utility web component inspection modern browsers, or if you use Firefox Firebug, through which you can click on the style sheet and directly see the full header information of the same where , unless it has been modified, you will have the name, description and URL to the website's theme.

Inspect element stylesheet header


Perhaps based on this method, the web service is called " What WordPress theme is that? ". You put the url in the search box and shows you precisely this header information of the stylesheet that all use WordPress themes.

Of course, none of these previous methods useless if the administrator or web designer renamed the theme folder and the header information of the stylesheet.

4. CSS Classes distinctive

If this is the case there is something you can try. For example, using the method 3 above, find a unique CSS class of the topic, other than the typical "post" or "content", but one with strange names, like a lot of designers.

Having identified one other than "current" Just "Googling" for the class and, hopefully, identify any questions in forums for support, and if they state the name of the topic, or even the page support the author.

And, well, this is what I usually do, if you have some other method would be appreciated if you share.