How do I know what operating system my computer uses?

on Wednesday, 6 February 2013

When your computer starts, it can display a logo that indicates which operating system it uses, you may also want to know a specific version number.

This article helps you identify which operating system is installed on your computer.

What to do

In the corner of the computer screen, you can see the following icons at the bottom or at the top left. Click the icon that you see on your computer.

Windows 7 or Vista
Windows 7 or Vista
Windows XP
Windows XP
Windows (various)
Windows (various)
Mac OS X
Mac OS X

And if none of the icons corresponds to what I see?

You may have an operating system with an unusual or personalized desktop. First read the instructions for Windows, Mac and then try to identify the steps that work with your computer.

If you still have problems, you can:

  • Check the manual for your computer.

Confirm the version of Windows

In all versions of Windows, you can open the detailed system information as follows:

  • Open box execution. 
  • Type msinfo32 and click OK ... Depending on the exact version of Windows you have, you will see a window similar to the following: 

From this screen, you can identify important information:

  • Name of the operating system
  • Service Pack (if present)
  • Type of system. System type, x64-based PC "means that you have a '64-bit Operating System". 'PC-based X86' means that you have a '32-bit Operating System ".

Confirm the version of Mac OS X

In the Mac menu bar, click the Apple icon, then click 'About this Mac' ...

A new window will open showing the exact version of Mac OS X is installed ...

In the example above, the version of Mac OS X is 10.7.3.