Free online plagiarism checker and duplicate content finder

on Saturday, 9 February 2013
Many tools for the prevention and detection of plagiarism have appeared on the web including at university sites. Free solutions certainly have their limitations when compared to proprietary software versions. Sometimes a simple query on a search engine may be sufficient to identify a particular recovery of any content. Current tools are not limited to either single text: they are now looking to other media such as image.

online plagiarism checker

 Detect copies of texts on the Web

Copyscape. Search for copies of a URL on the web.

Dupli Checker. Detection service that offers multiple search modes: text, URL. Txt file. You can then start your search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

eTBlast. This online service allows to detect similarities between different items mainly from the medical literature. He asks, among others Medline and PubMed Central.

Fairshare. This service offers you to enter the address of your RSS feed in the field provided and then indicate the license you want to apply to your content. You will then have access to the RSS feed Fairshare it will integrate into your feed reader to keep all copies of your content.

Google alerts. Originally planned as a monitoring tool, it can also be used to verify that a given expression is not re-used elsewhere on the web. Different occurrences are indicated by sending your email.

Percent Dupe. Service in beta that offers the possibility of seeking "duplicate content" from a URL or text.

Plagium. Search online service that copies of documents on the web. You can directly submit a text or a URL. An alert service is also available (registration required).

Positeo. You have the choice between entering text or the URL of the page to analyze. This service uses the Google API.

The plagiarism checker. Online service that allows you to copy and paste text in order to detect any copies online. You can download Word files.

Plagiarisma. This allows you to search the similarities between text you enter in the window provided for this purpose and texts freely available on the web or file. On the net is searched with Google, Yahoo and Bing! The application supports more than 190 languages, and therefore certainly yours!

Plagiarism Software: This plagiarism checker scans and checks the internet for similar texts. I personally use this free online plagiarism checker software. For your convenience, you will see the results in a breakdown of different sentences depending upon the total number of sentences or paragraphs of your provided material.