Download Aparatus Free Premium WordPress theme

on Thursday, 21 February 2013

Aparatus Free Premium WordPress theme

As you probably know, apparatus is a free premium WordPress theme that comes with a Moo tools slideshow in the home page. This theme has many features and great designs that will not only make your website look lovely, but also offer your website a great appearance. This theme is one of the most popular themes on WordPress. You can also look around the internet and try to identify the sites or blogs that have used this theme.This theme is free on WordPress and it can be used to as many domains as you want. It does not matter if the domains are yours or other persons.


As it is mentioned above, this theme has a lot of features that are great and attractable. Below are the features that you will get with this theme
  • The color scheme for Apparatus theme is white
  • The theme has a layout of 2 column
  • The theme is a Right sided bar
  • The theme has a fixed width
  • The theme is Widget ready and moreover, it includes useful widgets
  • The theme is ready for Ads. It has four smaller places for ads and a place for ad
  • The theme is Gravatar ready
  • It has jQuery integration
  • The  theme has an options page
  • The theme is ready for threaded comments 
  • The theme has been tested and it is compatible with major browsers like Google chrome, safari, Firefox, internet explorer,operamini and others
  • The theme has been tested and it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • The theme has this cool and clean look


This theme is found in three versions. However, the major version that almost all people use is the free versions. The versions are as follows:

1. The free version: a majority of people use the free version, especially bloggers.
2. The standard version: people who are doing personal projects that require presentation use the standard version. Even though this version has a one-time fee, the difference between the free version and this one is very small.
3. The developer version: the developer version is the best version that anyone could use. This version is the best when you are doing clients projects.

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