Yahoo Messenger: Made communicating and sending easy!

on Sunday, 6 January 2013

Yahoo Messenger

The "Messenger" is a free software that allows you and other users free interaction can communicate in real time. Way you can send photos and files with drag-and-drop games to play or manage radio stations.

Also for telephony and webcam use features of "Yahoo! Messenger" many preferences. The software supports their own avatars and emoticons to your messenger to give it more personality.

Recent innovations

version 8 or text messages can be exchanged with Windows Live Messenger

The software can

With the "Yahoo! Messenger" You can chat for free with your friends in real time. The program makes it easy to send files and photos using drag and drop. You can easily manage your radio stations and play the latest games. Also telephony and webcam use are in the software involved.

The Messenger offers many preferences and communication is possible via any web browser.

The Chat & Messenger software "Yahoo! Messenger" by is a freeware and thus freely available and can be downloaded for free. As a rule, the feature set is not restricted, but can be upgraded in some cases by a paid premium version.

The editorial says the net world to Yahoo! Messenger

The "Messenger" is to use clear and simple, even for inexperienced users. Especially refreshing act funny emoticons that make communication more alive. So every conversation a pleasure and the exchange of information and images is fast and easy.

System Requirements

"Yahoo! Messenger" is available for the Windows and Mac operating systems and has an interface in German and English.