What is Skype and how it works

on Thursday, 10 January 2013


What is Skype

Skype is similar to an ordinary instant messenger examined as ICQ or MSN Messenger. This impression is deceptive, however, as there is a basic function that Skype stands out clearly from all other search programs, is ignored:

With Skype, it is possible by means of the art Voice over IP phone calls to the chat partner. This call is free of charge, provided it is conducted between two Skype users. However, there is thus the possibility to call from Skype to regular phone (mobile or landline). The magic word for this is SkypeOut , you can buy, like a prepaid phone, A Certain quota by credit card from the Skype website, and can now use the computer as a normal telephone.

The same works in reverse, with SkypeIn you get a landline number which can be dialed from any phone, the call will then the Skype window. Another feature of the program is to have calls to accept in the absence as in a conventional telephone answering machine means. SkypeIn and voicemail function, however, are subject to charges.

In addition to these functions, it is therefore possible with Skype to conduct video conference, up-to-people can participate in this.

Downloading the tool can be either directly from the Skype website (skype.com).

How it works

All calls with Skype to another person using Skype, are FREE.

To make calls you need is an ordinary microphone-speaker or a headset. The device is integrated in the operating system in most cases detected.

Note: if you want to call via Skype to landline or mobile phones, the fee (SkypeOut). Also the other way (for example mobile Skype) costs money!

Skype now supports all major operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux ...).

Here is a brief description for Windows computers.

Step 1: Download Skype:

Step 2: Open Skype on your computer.

Open Skype on your computer

To do this, double-click the desktop, select the icon or Skype from the Windows Start menu.

Click "Do not have a Skype Name?" This will open the "Create Account" opened.

Enter your name and then create a Skype Username (called a Skype Name) and password.

- Be sure to remember your user name and password.
- Follow the instructions and click "Subscribe".

Step 3: Add a specific person:

Add a specific person

Click on the tab "Skype user directory" and choose "People can find."

Click in the box and enter the name, e-mail address or Skype name of your contact.

Click on "Search". Wait while Skype searches.

Search through the list the appropriate person. Check details such as the location and click on this icon to check whether it is the right person.

Click the "Add Contact" and then click on the contact. Thereby opens a window to make contact.

Click in the text box and type a greeting so your contacts know who you are.

Click the Submit click "OK". When the contacts of your invitation suppose you can see if they are online, and you can also. call

Step 4: Call people in your contact list:

Click above to Skype on the "Contacts".

Search through the list of the person you wish to call.

Click on the name.

The details of your contacts are displayed in the main window.

Click on the green call button. You should hear a ring tone.

If you can not hear the other person or the other person can not hear you, click the call quality icon above in the call window.

To hang up, click on the red button "Transfer".