What is open source

on Tuesday, 1 January 2013
Open Source Software

Many open source heard before, but know not what we imagine underneath. Open source projects are projects that can be used by many people all over processed simultaneously in the world.

Source code, so the foundation work on the programs, while open to the public and anyone who wishes to help in the development of the program can do. There are no limits to the Internet -. Someone from Germany to work with someone from the Verreinigten States on the same program, without having to travel hundreds of miles to an extra

Since such cooperation by many a very useful program has been created, I will in the future from and share some very good open source projects with you.

What is "Open Source Software"?

Open source software such as Linux, Firefox or LibreOffice (formerly Open office) many users already have installed on their computers. This software is written by full-time developers or by amateur programmers and is usually free in Internt available.

Additionally it has the ability to get to the program code, in order to eliminate errors or missing incorporate functionalities. For the company, there are compelling advantages when solutions are created based on open source software:

  • Save Time - by using existing functionality
  • No license fees - the software is usually available for free
  • INDEPENDENCE - They are not dependent on a software vendor and the software used to maintain themselves further, should the open source project once set his service or pursue an inappropriate direction.

"Proprietary" software, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Mac OS X, etc., has not this advantage. One must, for each update to a newer version and pay license fees is dependent on errors in the software on the good will of the manufacturer. These are clear disadvantages that you should discuss in advance with its IT service provider.

Excluding parts be entrepreneurs or part of its business model based on such a software, it is often not economically favorable way back.

Glad to advise you on what options open source software offers for your business.