What is ODesk and how does it work

on Friday, 18 January 2013

ODesk is an online meeting place where freelancers can find all sorts of interesting jobs of many employers who need people trained to perform temporary work from home. ODesk works similarly to sites like Trabajofreelance.com and Freelancer.com .

The way it works is simple ODesk. Anyone can register on ODesk and search job according to their skills and abilities. Thus, ODesk functions as an intermediary between employers and potential employees, which I have the option to work from home and at your leisure. For this service, the site charges a percentage of what they pay employers who hire people to do the jobs they need. However, at no time charge ODesk register or keep the account open. The charge is given based on the amount paid by the companies and / or persons contracting.

In relation to the work to be found on this site, there are many kinds, so almost anyone interested in earning extra money can do in ODesk. Among the most common types of work include the following:

  •     Web design.
  •     Software development.
  •     Design and Multimedia.
  •     Translations into several languages.
  •     Administrative support tasks.
  •     Writing for Blogs, creative writing, technical writing, and others.

As you can see, the variety of jobs that can be accessed is quite wide. However, by the time the website is only in English ODesk, so for those people who have no knowledge of this language can be difficult to find good deals. By contrast, a person fluent or at least understand English, can generate good income.

As for the systems used to make payments or receive money for work, ODesk enables the following: Paypal, Moneybookers, bank transfer and Payoneer Mastercard payment card.

For those interested in finding real work offers freelance, oDesk is a good choice in terms of quantity and types of work, in addition to the various facilities offered. So if you are interested in opening a free account with ODesk can do it with the following link or banner:


  1. Hey Mohd,

    I have been using Odesk for 2 years now. I found a lot of lemons, but also some top guys as well.

    Odesk overall is a great outsourcing company. btw it's based in Redwood City, Ca right by where I live.