What is facebook and how does it work

on Tuesday, 1 January 2013
Social networks are on everyone's lips. Whether friends, family and the media - almost everyone has already discussed about Facebook and co. While some people get connected for years with their friends and exchange information with each other, others are still skeptical. For all the skeptics, here is a brief introduction to Facebook, along with tips on how to fast in the social network, cope, but also pay attention to what to do.


How does Facebook and what you have to consider when dealing with social networks?

What are social networks?

Social networks connect friends, acquaintances or unknown to each other. Anyone can register there and published in a separate profile information and pictures of themselves. You can connect to the profiles of other people and share news from your own life, travel photos, links to interesting articles, music or videos. There are many different networks in Germany, eg Facebook, Flickr or MySpace. Facebook currently has over 15 million Germans, most of the members in this country.

How Facebook works?

facebook registration

Facebook works initially easy. Anyone who is not registered may register on the home page. Then you get an email with a link . This link you must click to confirm your registration.

Now you can make your own custom profile, where you hochläd example a profile photo and enter some information about yourself. One can also connect with friends and acquaintances who are already on Facebook. For this purpose, we are on the Facebook search box the name of the person and send a friend request. This is confirmed by the other person, it is networked.

On the so-called "Wall" you can now talk about themselves, pictures, links, videos, music and much more, "post". Everything you publish on your own Wall, now can follow your friends and if you want, even the friends of their friends. Public Wall posts can be read by anyone and are even Facebook search engines available.

The other way to get yourself all the information published by the friends on Facebook. So you will contact each other can exchange opinions and ideas and let others easily get interesting information.

facebook fan age

Meanwhile, you can also hold on so-called fan pages on various topics to date. For example, has Trusted Shops own fansite . On this will include regular information on consumer rights when shopping online coupons and published by certified shops that are available nowhere else.

What must be considered?

The special feature of the social networks is on the way that you are mutually connected and exchange information. Here you should also check what information and how much you are about to price. Because everything you publish about themselves, can be stored for a long time on Facebook and be recalled at any time. Photos of the last big celebration or private details can be as well as the potential new employer or accessible from falling into the wrong hands and be abused.

It is therefore important to develop a certain feeling which information is telling the world around him through Facebook and what you prefer in private conversation. The mobile phone number and home address or the name of the secret lover and Misbilligungen towards their own employers stay with Facebook, for example, not a secret for long.

Check the privacy settings on Facebook once and adapt is therefore an important step towards the control of their own data. Here you can specify who can read in detail what information a Facebook.