What is email marketing?

on Sunday, 6 January 2013

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses e-mail as an efficient means to disseminate information, such as e-mail newsletters, advertisements and promotions to improve the relationship between company and customer, or to create new perspectives.

Since most Internet users are reading daily e-mails and send, email marketing is a powerful and effective communication tool.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing with the highest return on investment. Even today, e-mail marketing is very efficient, provided that the right approach and the tools are used properly.

Advantages of the use of an email marketing software

Send marketing campaigns at low cost

Email marketing is very popular because it is much cheaper than traditional methods Marketing. Compared to magazines and posters or printed newsletters, email marketing is much cheaper, making it to the budget-friendly form of business communication belongs.

Tailor your message to your subscribers over time

Email marketing campaigns are fast. They can be created in minutes and sent wodruch ensures that the message is still relevant when it arrives at the receiver. Whether you're in a hurry or not, is to send e-mails quickly and the results can be seen quickly. You can optimize your e-mail newsletter for mobile devices and even reach your subscribers Sun road.

Automate your e-mails for easier management

With email marketing, you can schedule the sending of your message even temporally. To increase the likelihood that your message is read, send them a day to the date on which your audience most likely to check their inbox. You can use automated responses also cause a certain action, for example a pre-welcome-mail that is sent to all those who are registering to your newsletter.

Talk to the interests of your target audience

Email marketing software gives you the ability to talk to each campaign a specific audience. You save time by each segment to create a distribution list in order to write so your audience individually, depending on interests. Remember: The more relevant the message to the reader is, the greater the target audience react to the produce.

Review and analyze your campaign success

Email marketing campaign, you can track and analyze exactly. It is immediately clear who has received your email, who opened out which links were clicked (this shows you what is of interest to your audience), as log many readers, or share your newsletter - just a few useful metrics to name.

Expand your reach through social media integration

You can integrate your email marketing campaign with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This will reach a wider audience and the chance to attract new subscribers and customers potenitelle increases by multiples. Email service providers like GraphicMail offers social networking icons such as "Like", "Tweet" and "+1", so that your message can be shared easily with others.

Grow your audience by recommendation

Another advantage of email newsletters is that they can be passed easily to other people. Your faithful readers can give their friends with the help of your messages or promotions insight into your business and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. Report, the more customers about your business, the greater your distribution list.

Email Marketing Course for Beginners

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