What is elance and how does it work

on Friday, 18 January 2013

A common needs faced any web business is to find a freelancer with appropriate expertise in the performance of your projects online. The only problem with the idea is that few people know where to find a lot of varied freelance qualified and reasonably priced. There is a solution to the problem, a website called Elance.

Elance for Buyers

Indeed Elance is an online service, including thousands of freelancers are members. Employers post their projects and freelance workers respond with a quote or estimate for the work done. Registration is easy and free, and in a few minutes, you are able to upload the project for which you are looking for a supplier. From there, freelancers or rather Elancers can apply to your project. When you view your project, you can identify your budget, and freelancers interested apply and provide you a quote for what they believe is worth it for them. Thus, the final price you pay will depend on the freelancer you choose, but since Elancers are competing against one another, you almost always get prices more profitable than if you had hired a freelancer directly.

The process may seem long, but you'll be surprised how new projects quickly receive bids from freelancers potential. The freelancer is increasingly popular in many parts of the world. All that left to do is to read each proposal and decide which is best for your project. As an employer, you have a lot of choice, with portfolio in support. In fact, you can watch the profiles of different freelancers to learn more about them.

In fact, after each completed project, a jump usually receives feedback (feedback) of the employer for whom he made a project. This feedback appears on the profile of the freelancer in addition to comments made about him by the employer. So, whether you are looking for graphic designers and SEO specialists, translators or editors of Web content, you can select the best qualified freelancers based on feedback from former employers.

In addition, if you are worried about the payment, because everyone is afraid of getting scammed online and losing money, Elance offers an excellent system Escrow (or trust in French), which allows you to place the payment trust until the project is completed. If ever there is a dispute as to the quality of work, Elance has a system of conflict resolution in place that ensures that your money will not be lost if the project was completed on the original agreement. As you control your worker is paid.

Elance Escrow Service that is in place to ensure that both employers and freelancers are protected against unscrupulous people. That being said, because of these security systems, there are very few bad experiences on Elance.

Elance for Service Providers

Conversely, you may be a freelancer looking for a place where to find work. Elance is one of the best freelance websites ranked when it comes to opportunities for self-employment projects, both in number and in quality offerings therein. Regardless of the type of service you offer, and no matter whether you are a freelancer or an agency specialized service, there is a category for your business - for example, translation, writing, programming, web design, design even offers legal assistance or virtual.

The registration process is almost identical to that for service providers, but begins to be different at the stage of building your portfolio. You can add examples of past projects and even a video presentation for potential employers to learn more about you and your services. This gives you a great platform to attract donors work. A good portfolio is essential, because it is often the first chance you have to make a good first impression.

Once created, your online profile will always be available to potential employers, and it will do so as you focus on bidding for quotation on projects that appear on Elance. Make sure you update your profile regularly to increase the chances of being selected. Do not hesitate to applicant to employers that you have completed a draft you leave feedback and positive feedback on your profile. Your profile is your resume interactive, your cover letter and references, all in one. Wear them attention. It can be considered that your profile is a resume interactive for people to look through.

As a service provider or freelancer, you may be wondering what is the volume of projects that pass through Elance? You do not have to look any further than their website, which proudly displays these figures. To date, over 300 million work has been done by the system users Elance. It is divided between approximately 350,000 entrepreneurs who are still active on the site. On average, the site publishes approximately 150 000 jobs over a period of 30 days. There is really no reason to doubt whether the system works, Elance.com has proven time and time again, and is generally recognized as one of the most reliable sources of work for freelancers and best for companies that want to outsource work to subcontractors.