What are the Advantages of VOIP

on Saturday, 12 January 2013

VoIP stands for Voice over IP and voice transmission is via internet protocol. During a telephone conversation, the language is part of the Internet instead of wires, which are the old telephone line.

What are the advantages VoIP?

The main advantage of VoIP is the price of the phone call. The voice communication is done digitally via computer-based systems, the Internet transmits the voice data. Phone lines, as in the old phone system, are the providers of not rented on a large scale for a high price.

Worldwide reached at a phone number

Berlin, New York, Madrid - The Internet is spreading around the world. Whether in a hotel, office, internet cafe or at home - almost everywhere access to the World Wide Web (www) is present. The VoIP users need only connect its VoIP phone to the Internet or launch the VoIP software on a computer. This can then be a single VoIP phone number to call someone or receive calls - no matter where it is currently located in the world. All calls are forwarded based on the IP protocol, the unique identifier of the user VoIP phone.

What do I need for VoIP?

1st Broadband Internet: For a good voice, a fast Internet connection required. This can be a DSL connection, a TV cable Internet, satellite Internet, Wi-Fi or a leased line. A normal analogue modem or ISDN connection with a maximum transmission speed of 128 kbit / s is sufficient in itself is normally not.

Second VoIP providers: To party on their VoIP phone, or even on a normal fixed line or mobile network to call or even a call, the user needs a VoIP provider. third VoIP device: In order to use VoIP even be a computer with a corresponding is computer programs , an IP phone sets or adapters needed to the traditional analogue or ISDN telephones can be connected.