WASTE Unofficial: Secure communication in the office

on Saturday, 5 January 2013

WASTE unofficial

The freeware "WASTE unofficial" allows safe and easy communication within a small group of 10 to 50 people. Therefore, it is for example for small companies or teams of special interest to communicate easily, safely and effectively, or want to share files and documents. WASTE runs with no problems (eg firewall) into the existing network to integrate your firm.

The software can

WASTE currently provides the following functions:

  • Instant Messaging: Write and communicate in real time with your colleagues.
  • Group Chat: Route conferences in the virtual space. So you can participate in a conference and simultaneously do continue your work
  • File browsing: Browse the shared region of the PCs on your team and you can download for your work down unnecessary documents or information
  • File transfer: Send documents easily and directly to your colleagues or take what they receive

WASTE works independently of your existing network topology and encrypts your communications constantly link encryption. Employees must also be required to identify the basis of a key so that you are authenticated for the employees in your group. So no one has unauthorized access to your network!

What editorial says to unofficial WASTE

Since "WASTE unofficial" is licensed under the GPL, it offers a free way for your business, quickly and safely at work together to communicate and share files with each other. So you can in smaller groups simply and effectively respond your work done, without having to rely on expensive specialized software be.

System Requirements

For the operation of "WASTE unofficial" only a Windows computer is required. The user interface is in English.