Tips for proper use of VoIP

on Friday, 18 January 2013
The extent of ADSL coverage allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of VoIP frequently . The box offered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have certainly helped a lot in the democratization of technology. Headphones with microphone are selling them in supermarkets, often accompanied by " free minutes "to promote a messanger or another.

Today, services 2.0 can trigger video conferencing in demand and there are even virtual classes free access! framework therefore use than the simple exchange telephone us with new media cooperation . However, especially during the first use, you can quickly be disappointed: sad audio quality, long silence, service interruption, echo and feedback, delay unbearable ... The VoIP requires a good internet connection and bandwidth important. To take advantage of these services, it is necessary to take some precautions.

The audio quality of the exchanges is a key to the effectiveness of the use of these solutions. To put all the chances on your side, it is interesting to contact by phone to support the connection of participants. The phone has the advantage of being a familiar tool. It helps to reassure participants that are not familiar with these technologies and in case of problems, exchange audio can be provided by telephone.

using VoIP

Here are some tips to enjoy a good quality of communication.

  • Use a headset with microphone. This helps prevent echoes and feedback. You will have a remote control to mute the microphone and adjust the volume. On the other hand, people entering your office quickly realize that you are busy and will not bother you
  • Open communication ports listed in the manual for the solution that you use! For example, Skype recommends port 13269, the Centra 1709, 443 etc Eluminate.
  • Inform your network administrator technical characteristics of the selected solution. It will verify that the configuration of proxies and other facilities will not be a problem. Companies that have a service Quality of Service (QoS) can even define a level of bandwidth reserved for your use.
  • Close programs that require bandwidth. Quit your electronic mail software, instant messaging (Jabber, Skype, Wengo, Twitter, MSN); temporarily put out your favorite radio; close completely software download P2P software and transfer FTP! A related advantage: you will not be disturbed by the incessant notifications of these software
  • Test your audio quality, check your connections! Virtual classrooms and audio messaging software often have an assistant to test his helmet. A quick test to verify that his helmet and plugged in and the microphone is working properly.
  • Cut your cell phone. Despite of having heard several times parasites apparently related to the proximity of a mobile phone, I do not think there was really technical incompatibility. But it is a good excuse to force them to put it out and not be disturbed

These guidelines apply to all participants! Do not hesitate to start the meeting by asking everyone to run the Audio Wizard.

In the context of the use of virtual classrooms, you will need a lot of bandwidth. It must indeed ensure video sharing, audio sharing and application sharing. menu Preferences virtual classroom, you will find the option to set the quality of video transfer and screen sharing. If you do not have not a lot of bandwidth, set a low refresh rate of the screen and a small number of color. You leave and maximum bandwidth for VoIP. It may even be necessary to cut the video when you use screen sharing.

Finally, if you make professional use of this technology and offer, for example, remote services:

  • Subscribe to a second internet connection. example, if the first fails, you can always use the second. It would be a shame if your contacts are not satisfaient your services for a technical reason! For absolute peace of mind, you can install a modem loaded automatically switch to another connection in case of problems.
  • Advise your customers to install an ADSL line dedicated to your connections. It may therefore be necessary to identify the premises of customers, a dedicated office in your trading. While this may, at first glance, seem contradictory with the idea of remote service , the fact of dedicating a room allows users to do not mix their different activities and to concenter easier. So you can install a remote training room at your customer, recommending the provision of a dedicated internet connection. The trainer will lead these courses from home, but learners should always move in a room dedicated to training.

VoIP allows you to stay in touch with people geographically isolated and collaborate on an international level without being impacted by significant costs of telephone calls. I hope these tips will help you take full advantage of this technology!