ThemeFuse - Premium WordPress Theme

on Friday, 11 January 2013
ThemeFuse Premium Wordpress theme

ThemeFuse is recommended premium WordPress theme. ThemeFuse offers premium themes for business customers at a good price. The various themes are unique due to their good layouts design.

There are themes for the business sector, for an art gallery, a restaurant, etc.

ThemeFuse has not offered too many themes, to be exact, there are 14 themes that include with jQuery image sliders are integrated measures for SEO optimization, short codes and color options provided.

Another special feature of ThemeFuse themes is the One-Click Auto Install, where to upload the theme to your WordPress installation can under FuseFramework enable an installation with standard categories, pages and contributions including the themes in one click.

But if you have already an active blog with content, then you should not use this feature because it overwrites your posts.

Theme Prices:

A theme is 49 dollars, all together there are 14 themes for $ 349. Each theme gives it a standard and developer version, which costs $79.

In the standard version can be used for each theme website (Single Site License), while the developer version can run on multiple pages. In addition, this version has yet include PSD files included here. Payment is by PayPal.

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