Skype emoticons

on Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Skype emoticons


If you use Skype Version 2.5, there are eight hidden emoticons available. If you want to tell someone he rocks, type "(rock)" and a smiley face nodding up and down pop. When you type "(mooning)," a person bends over and shows her ass. In addition, by typing "(headbang) 'a smiley hitting head against the wall rises. Other emoticons that appear in the Version 2.5 and may include "(smoking) that displays a smiley face, a cigarette and a smiley bandit with the Code" (bandit). "A smiley with a finger in the air is the code" (finger). "A smiley that appears intoxicated code is" (drunk). "If you want to see a man with a dog, write" (Toivo). '


Skype offers seven hidden emoticons for use with Version 3.0 and Skype. When a person says too much information, you can enter the code "(tmi) 'a smiley covering her face appears. To view a bug, type "(bug). "When words are too bad to say or write, type (swear), a band smiley that shows on his mouth. You can also see a squirrel, in which the code has the name of a staff member by typing Skype "(heidy). "You can see a person carrying a float or say, it's time for a game of pool with the code 'Party (the pool). "If you want the logo myspace pop-up, type" (MySpace). "When things are mess up beyond all reason or you are seriously upset, you can type" (FUBAR). '


Most Skype emoticons hidden understand adult theme, such as swearing and drunkenness. Skype hidden emoticons majority include animation. In addition, working in hidden emoticons emoticon art skype.


Skype also offers other emoticons, you know can not be. When you want to share music, type "(music)" a musical note appears. Whenever you need to find the exact time for an event or an appointment, you can type "(time)" or "(o). "When you want to recognize a person's birthday, a cake and type" (cake) "appears.

Emoticons available

Smile: )SmileSad: (Sad
Channel: DChannelCool8 -)Cool
Surprised: OSurprisedWink; )Wink
Crying; (CryingSweaty(: |Sweaty
Agape: |AgapeKiss: *Kiss
Insolent: pInsolentReddening: $Reddening
Astonishment: ^)AstonishmentTired| -)Tired
Boring| - (BoringLover( love)Lover
Diabolical] )DiabolicalCausing( talk)Causing
Yawn( yawn)YawnYuck!: &Yuck!
D'oh!( doh)D'oh!Angryx (Angry
It was not me!( wasntme)It was not me!Festival( party)Festival
Worried: sWorriedmmmmm ...( mm)mmmmm ...
Geek8 - |GeekTight-lipped: xTight-lipped
Hi( hi)HiCall( call)Call
Demon( devil)DemonAngel( angel)Angel
Jealous( envy)JealousWait( wait)Wait
Coaxing( hug)CoaxingMakeup( makeup)Makeup
Giggle( giggle)GiggleBravo!( clap)Bravo!
Thoughtful: ?ThoughtfulBowing( bow)Bowing
MDR( rofl)MDRWhew( whew)Whew
Content( happy)ContentLaughter( smirk)Laughter
Acquiescence( nod)AcquiescenceShaken( shake)Shaken
Strike( punch)StrikeEmo( emo)Emo
Yes( y)YesNot( n)Not
Handshake( handshake)HandshakeSkype(skype)Skype
Heart( h)HeartBroken heart( u)Broken heart
You have mail( m)You have mailFlower( f)Flower
Rain( rain)RainSun( sun)Sun
Time( o)TimeMusic( music)Music
Film( movie)FilmPhone( phone)Phone
Coffee( coffee)CoffeePizza( pizza)Pizza
Money( $)MoneyMuscle( muscle)Muscle
Cake( ^)CakeBeer( beer)Beer
Drink( d)DrinkDance\ O /Dance
Ninja( ninja)NinjaStar( *)Star

Emoticons hidden

Buttocks( mooning)ButtocksFinger( finger)Finger
Bandit( bandit)BanditDrunk( drunk)Drunk
Smoke( it)SmokeWith his dog( Toivo)With his dog
Rock( rock)RockHead in the wall( headbang)Head in the wall
Pool party( poolparty)Pool partyJure( swear)Jure
Insect( bug)InsectCrazy( fubar)Crazy
I say no more( tmi)I say no moreSquirrel( heidy)Squirrel
Myspace( myspace)Myspace???( ZILMER)???
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