Skype API Terms of Use and Operation

on Tuesday, 1 January 2013
The online phone service Skype allows third-party software and hardware to associate with the program and has made the API available for free. What must be considered in the use.

Skype API Terms of Use

Skype is in the Internet landscape taken a firm place in the area and heard online telephony undoubtedly among the market leaders. Here, the program makes it ideal to provide appropriate programs prepared or special hardware to develop. To make this task easier for third parties, offers Skype 's API developers to be charged.

This gives them the internal source code, which they use for their own developments can to Skype to create added value. It is based on the API two areas.

"Command Protocol Layer" is a text-based "language" that accomplishes the connection between external applications and the Skype client.

"Communication Layer" are a number of systems that allows external applications to communicate with the client in conjunction.

Skype Api for external applications

Who the Skype API wants to use for external applications, but must use a condition to agree . In this case, developers must adhere to a range of duties. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Developers need to sign in to Skype, then to software to develop, which picks up on Skype back or hardware that is based on Skype.
  • However, while users have no right to improvements version of Skype.
  • In addition, the application may interfere with the functioning of Skype in any way.
  • Users must demonstrate that their products are not official Skype products and specifically indicate it. For example, by such references: "works with Skype Software" or "This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed by either Skype, certified or otherwise approved in any way."
  • In addition, the developments may not be distributed on websites that the Skype website similar.
  • Furthermore, users must commit themselves and their products to collect personal user data.
  • And develop at their own risk and with its own costs. Skype is not liable, but the API only free disposal.

Skype Secures comprehensively with the API Terms of Use. By releasing the API, developers can create additional good deals that should do well as the diffusion of the service good.