How to record phone conversation on Skype

on Sunday, 20 January 2013

Record your phone conversations on Skype

record phone conversation on Skype

The famous communication software Skype allows you to make phone calls free between computers via the Internet.

To improve this communication tool, it would be useful to record telephone conversations between friends in MP3 format to keep a copy of backup . I suggest trying the utility Skype Recorder Auto.
Skype Recorder Auto is a tool free which records Skype calls to MP3 format. The main features of this utility:

  • recording in MP3 format at 320 kbps 48kHz.
  • stereo or mono mode.
  • unlimited length recording.
  • possibility of increasing the volume of the recording.
  • mode automatic or manual.

A dedicated icon fits in the area of notification of Windows to see the status of the current record.
An excellent utility to record your Skype conversations.

A download of Skype Recorder Auto .


  1. I guess MX Skype Recorder is also a very good option
    Hope you'll like it!