Paltalk - Free chat software with text, sound and image

on Saturday, 26 January 2013

Communication via chat is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. The ad-supported software Paltalk combines the anonymous communication in online chat rooms and directly via messenger or voice over IP.

The online communication is via the registration is required to access Paltalk page. The user logs in with a free user account. The software supports not only text messages, but also online voice and video conferencing in real time. In order to maintain as many contacts, in addition to Paltalk connects with the instant messaging networks of Google Talk , ICQ , Yahoo , Facebook and AOL .

Paltalk also offers anonymous online chat rooms where you can talk about various topics. Here, the user registers or writing with a microphone to speak. Optionally, the user shares music with other chat participants.


Paltalk is original and well implemented. The program looks remarkably stable, with each function is one way quickly. However, the German chats are sown far and few between.


With the software you have access to some not for young people shared online chats. In order to communicate with the other networks may invites Paltalk Download additional modules from the Internet. Version for Windows 98/ME is obtained here .