Optinskin Wordpress Plugin Review

on Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OptinSkin is a premium plugin for WordPress that allows you add boxes or opt-in forms without much effort with customizable skins can implement (templates) to any location on your page.

In addition to easy implementation and integration with an existing autoresponder offers OptinSkin also detailed analyzes of impressions and clicks, and allows certain forms or boxes against one another to test split.

Here's how OptinSkin works:

First Select Design

First, you can choose between different forms of pre-configured and designed and have just the ability to customize the design of the box and the text and buttons. In addition, you can, if you want to customize ready-made designs individually by new CSS or add more pictures / graphics.

Select Design

The design shown here is exactly the way the template for the design that I use on bonek.de in the header.

A little tip: On the sales side of the plugin you can customize a standard form of example and see what's possible.

Second choose Email providers

Next, you will choose the E-Mail-Anbieter/Autoresponder that you want to connect with your box and the option of registering a email address.

Currently, the autoresponder Aweber , Mailchimp , iContact , GetResponse , Feedburner and Infusionsoft available. But also with other e-mail providers, you can connect OptinSkin because you can insert the corresponding HTML generated in the "Other" and  OptinSkin  out so pulls the necessary data for your form.

Plus, you can choose at this point where you want to redirect the user to the registration of the e-mail address.

Third Placing the box on

You can now choose where you want to place the generated box in your blog.

In addition to the options shown here OptinSkin offers other options and settings.

4th Special effects and display on mobile devices

An ingenious feature that you can otherwise only achievable with a lot of programming effort, is the fade-in effect of OptinSkin.

That is, the form or the box that you have created will be displayed only after a given time. This has the advantage that your visitors are made aware of, because it appears only and not already there. This effect can also increase the conversion rate greatly. If you want to see what this looks like in practice, then just scroll to the end of this article, there my box appears after a second.

Optionally, you can make the opt-in form is displayed and the content (even when scrolling down), but what I feel to be too "in your face", which is why I do not use this feature.

In addition to the special effects, you can also choose to display on what devices your created opt-in boxes.

5th Tracking & Testing and optimization of opt-in forms

I think, an important feature is the tracking of OptinSkin. It shows you all of boxes on the number of impressions and the entries, and you can see at a glance how well convert your boxes and what content causes such as how many entries (very important).

In addition to the tracking, you can also easily one split test to perform, that is, you can test an opt-in form for another and you then decide for the winner due to a better text, other colors or any other text on the button .

Following these five steps you've configured the box and ready to get a short code , which you have to place in a certain place, and your box is already displayed anywhere where you want it to have by your selection. Changes to the design you can still easily make without having to change anything on the reason code.

When I saw the plugin for the first time, I immediately wondered about the pre-designed themes are included there, you can choose from, so I recorded a video in which I show briefly how I so create a design and Implement it in the page, and you also see what different colors (which you can then customize further!) there. You can watch the video at the end of this article.

The price

OptinSkin is a premium WordPress plugin, which is why it costs something. Click here to buy.

It has now been months on the market and will be for a special introductory price of $ 47  until 10/07/2012 offered. Calculated are the 36 euros that must be paid only once. This gives you a license for the plugin, which is on may use all of its websites .

Frankly, I think the price is too low.

I really thought, "Where there's the rub"  Since one here gets a very powerful plug-in that has been improved in the last 7 months, always added at the new designs and you can use on all of its websites, the Price really too liberally. In addition, Glen also provides personal support.

This is exactly why I was not surprised when I today received an email from Glen with the info that it will now raise the price by almost 50% in order to fund further development work on the plugin with new features.

Note: I would like to note here that this is affiliate links, which means that I get for a purchase you made ​​of this plugin a commission. I recommend this plugin but not because of the commission, but because I am sure that many readers will save work, time and nerves and so they can achieve better results on their blogs.