My 5 favorite Best Android Games!

on Thursday, 17 January 2013
It is not so long ago, I had only a smartphone, but this year they joined only a Nexus 7 and later a Nexus 10 to do so. The Nexus 7 I use often on the move and the Nexus 10 is my living room tablet. In addition to surfing the Internet, a tablet is mainly for: Gambling! My five favorite games I want to introduce match of the year.

Admittedly, as an old mouse-and-keyboard-Hare I did myself at first with the touch screen controls of the Android games pretty hard, but once you become familiar in the meantime is not a problem for me any more presents and if I get some not clear, I can still to PlayStation controller access. But I did not want to tell you of my gross motor skills, but my favorite game! The presented course you can also play games on your phone.

Max Payne

Hach, I've loved the game then on the PC! You slip into the uncomfortable skin of Max Payne , who had to watch as his wife and the baby shared by drug junkies were murdered. In the night and snowy New York makes you your three years later undercover to find the masterminds behind the new designer drug "Valkyr" and are at the same time on the run from the police, which you keep for a murderer.

Comics tell the story of Max Payne

The game took me back then captivated by the storytelling in comic strip form, the noir setting and mainly because of the totally cool bullet-time and also the version for mobile devices is quite successful and runs smoothly on my Nexus 10th Only one thing bothers me: To Painkiller, to speak to healing can take painkillers, I have to repeatedly tap the icon until then some times what you are doing. This harms the game fun but not as good as, and maybe my fingers are just too fat even for the small icon, who knows ...

Yet all is peaceful, but soon the rock venue mixed up properly!


For me the ideal pastime for in between. Whether in the pizzeria or at the subway station: With GYRO . quickly are a few minutes killed In the game you have to turn a three-color wheel and collect zoom flying balls of the same color. This sounds easier said than done, because it is fast hectic! GYRO has a high addiction factor and two different game modes ("Arcade" and "Time Attack"). As a snack for the little game snack, it is in my opinion ideal!

Dangerously addictive!

Granny Smith

Also an ideal stopgap! As roller skates and not wheelchair propelled your grandma chasing a thief who's after your precious apples. 're Faster than him and grabs all the apples in front of him. Performs full acrobatics and collect coins that you can exchange for bonus items. Later in the game you can also other characters, including the dog Scruffy unlock. The lovely graphics in cartoon style and the smooth background music make Granny Smith ideal for switching off.

When it comes to their apples, Granny Smith knows no fun.

Broken Sword II

In the Android implementation of Broken Sword II is the same classic game from 1997. For the new edition we have drilled the game duly revised and include the graphics. And at the request Your Scores are stored in your Dropbox for a platform-independent storage.

Exactly as before, only with hübscherer graphics!

That's what Broken Sword II: In your search for a drug cartel by chance you find a mysterious artifact that leads you on a journey of danger by the Mayan world. You have to solve many puzzles and dangers overcome to be successful. Broken Sword II is a typical adventure game in the point-and-click style, and hopefully we will soon see more such editions for Android!

Nico Collard and George Stobbard must survive dangerous adventures.

Jetpack Joyride

The game, originally released for the iOS platform from Apple gave me in September 2011 sweetens a flight from Germany to Norway with a stop over in Munich and has been my faithful companion: With your rocket propulsion your flying through a lab, collect coins and avoids obstacles. Bonus items such as special vehicles and "spin-coins" that you can use for the slot machine, loosen the game of Jetpack Joyride on and provide variety.

Always Coins!

For Android, there are a lot of other games that appeal to me very good, too. These include: Shadowgun, World of Goo, horn, Predators, Temple Run and GTA: Vice City. But the list of all my favorite title was beyond the scope here, so I have confined myself to my current top 5. Perhaps there is also for you one or the other game there!