Miranda: A replacement for many Messenger

on Thursday, 3 January 2013

Miranda IM

Messenger services from the Internet , there are a dime a dozen. At worst, you know each of your IM provider familiar with a few friends that you want to get all under one roof. Is made ​​possible by the software Miranda, the provider connects all in one program.

miranda im messenger

The software can

Behind the catchy name "Miranda" hides a universal Instant Messenger . This allows messenger services like ICQ , AIM and Windows Live Messenger to unite in a single program. This is especially handy when online friends use different networks. All actors communicate in real time. Another advantage of the program is that, in contrast to the dispensed original chat programs, to advertising.

The user can set individual for each party rules. More than ten contact lists are possible. Uninvited guests locked out of the program if desired. With a recording function it takes on calls. An integrated birthday list prevents important birthdays forgotten.

On the developers website is an archive of extensions available that can be downloaded, such as smilies, weather information or intelligence services.

"Miranda" is supported in addition to the ICQ v8 protocol currently the protocols AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, ICQ (v5), Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, resize images and more. The open source project represents a very good alternative to the Mirabilis ICQ client

What editorial says to Miranda

The program simplifies significantly the Internet communication, because all known messenger of only one location can be used. The intuitive software interface is similar to the messenger programs and therefore makes the program interesting for beginners. Visual relief is the elimination of promotional activities of the various providers.


System Requirements

The program runs under the following operating systems: Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7