K-9 Mail - Alternative email client for android

on Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Android phones do have a built-in mail client, but lacks features such as e-mail encryption. A practical alternative is K-9 Mail, a free application, which is a versatile replacement for the built-in client.
This can K-9 Mail: The email client in Android smartphones works well as long as you want to connect only with a Google account. An alternative is K-9 Mail, one based on the Android client mail software. This supports both POP3 and IMAP and Microsoft Exchange 2003 version. Is also integrated IMAP Idle, a technique used to route the emails almost instantly to your smartphone.

K-9 Mail - Alternative email client for android

One of the biggest advantages of the app is the ability to encrypt. K-9 Mail supports PGP signatures and digital encryption of messages. This feature is optional, this is the app APG  necessary. This plugin handles the necessary keys and encrypted e-mail messages.

In addition, K-9 is a practical mail client with smart features. Thus, for example, select multiple emails by dragging them to the right. So can delete multiple messages, select or move it to another folder.

Installation: K-9 and APG are available for free in the Market. Anyone wishing to use the encryption, APG should install before the mail client, otherwise it must be erased and recorded again.

Conclusion: K-9 Mail is a versatile alternative to the built-in e-mail program. Who needs extra features like encryption or IMAP IDLE will here find it quickly - however, other features such as Priority Inbox Google does not (yet).

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