JAJC, chat and more!

on Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Who much on computer work and also in the Internet is way will have been surely ever faced with the innumerable chat programs that exist on the net. Instant messaging systems such as ICQ , AIM , or Microsoft's MSN are certainly the best known members of this genus, which also includes the "JAJC" belongs. "JAJC" means nothing other than "Just Another Jabber client "and that is because there is another chat client for the Jabber protocol. Advantage of the open source IM technology is that with this client and with users of other instant messaging programs (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) can connect.

The software can

The freeware program "JAJC" builds on the XML format and offers a great advantage to the possibility of other users, so-called Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to chat. So it is possible, among other things, in chat rooms, for example, under the ICQ or AIM created, participate in discussions and there to entertain his friends. Overall, "JAJC", also with respect to the user interface very similar to the famous ICQ. There is the possibility to set status messages, shared files to send to put unwanted users on an ignore list or directly from "JAJC" from surfing the Internet. Much to ease the usually very young audience chatter also contributes to the fact that the program completely, among other things is available in German.

The editorial says the net world to JAJC

Who's ICQ used to, but also knows many people who AIM, use Yahoo Messenger or other systems and does not want to change every time the client in order to converse with them, should look at the "JAJC" once. With him, he has an all-in-one chat program ICQ look and feel and a lot more value.

System Requirements

Providing an Internet connection, "JAJC" runs under all Windows versions in 32-bit environment (XP or later).