How to use multiple Skype on a Mac

on Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Following yesterday's article, I quickly received emails from readers asking me how to launch multiple Skype on a Mac ...
The method is simple. We need to create another user on your Mac and launch a new Skype application under the name of the other user.
The downside is that this new assignment Skype is attached to this new user. You can not send files via Skype by drag & drop, because the second sale of Skype will not have access to the main user files - the first.
multiple Skype on a Mac

1. Create a new user on the Mac via the system preferences panel. For example, a user named SKYPE2. 
2. Launch Terminal 
3. Type the following command:
su - SKYPE2
(Or su - newuser)
(Enter password SKYPE2 required)
4. Then in the same terminal window type:
. / Applications / / Contents / MacOS / Skype
5. Authenticate with your second login skype.