How to use Manycam with Skype

on Tuesday, 8 January 2013
Manycam with Skype

You want to use the free tool Manycam with Skype, but do not know how to do that? Then read how to set up the funny program for your Skype. To instructions

With the free tool, you can insert Manycam around and chat with the webcam funny graphics to virtual "dress up" with beards, glasses and wigs, or to fit into a different environment. You can enhance your chat so visually extreme. Just for Skype sessions such a tool is of course useful. Read here how to set it up.

Using Manycam with Skype - Here's how

In order to use Manycam with Skype, you have the tool, first download . Then install it as normal, but XP or Vista best with administrator privileges in order to avoid later complications.

1. Then restart your normal Skype, but you make a call and start chatting no.

2. Go to "Select Webcam" on. Here you can choose between your conventional camera and another option called "Manycam Virtual Webcam". Click this button, in order Skype recognizes Manycam.

3. Now you should have no problems running Manycam with Skype together. If it does not work, which is on your computer.

4. However, your version of DirectX is out of date, so the two programs can not run together. Data from DirectX and then restart your computer, then it should work fine.

5. If Skype and Manycam still does not converge, you data from your video card, because these may be responsible for the fact that the two programs can not be tolerated.

After you have updated both DirectX and graphics card, it might well be that you need to uninstall and reinstall Manycam. Do not forget, it will also re-select as a webcam on Skype.