How to terminate your skype account

on Wednesday, 16 January 2013
delete skype  account

If you no longer wish to use Skype, and thus want to delete the account, it is sufficient to remove the data entered. The account will be deleted automatically after about three months of inactivity. To instructions

To delete the account with Skype, it is sufficient to disable the profile and remove all the personal data. If the account is not used for at least three months, the account will be deleted automatically by Skype.
Delete the personal data

1. To delete your personal information from Skype, you first log into your account.

2. There, select the "Profile" menu and click "Edit Profile" then click.

3. Here you will remove all the data that are stored there. In the end, only your username still be available. You can also remove from the login screen to prevent you login inadvertently.

4. Close Skype and open, typing% appdata% in the search bar of Windows, the folder "Skype".

5. Inside was a folder with your username. Delete this. 5

Well, your username is when calling Skype no longer displayed in the logon screen. In order that we can delete the account permanently, you must consider a few things.

Skype account completely disable

  • Now that you have removed your user data, log out of Skype. Skype performs checks at regular intervals by activity. If you are over a period of three months not log into your account, this will be deleted.
  • Since you do not even cause the cancellation, it is therefore necessary that you no longer use Skype. If you use Skype again in the three months, the cancellation period expires and starts anew.
  • After deleting the account, you can register at any time and of course then use Skype as usual.