How to protect your images on wordpress

on Thursday, 10 January 2013
Photos or images with a watermark - your signature - from theft, or at least very difficult to steal. Alternative to the digital signature, which is often too expensive but many.

Do you have a lot of photos in your blog. Glad you had your signature in the photo, so it can not be so easily downloaded and elsewhere presented as a separate photo. The classic Watermark programs that insert a digital signature in your photos you are too expensive. Deterrence is at least as a signature in the photo / image and the "photo lender" must edit at least the image before he unlawfully takes. This alone is already too many photo thieves

I went in search of signature capabilities for newly uploaded photos and existing. Many gallery plugins offer this, but I assumed that you do not have this, or just not using long and so lots of photos that do not have a signature in it.

I found 2 WordPress plugins that work very easily. One signed new fully automaticwith a so-called water mark, the other existing signs.

Existing photos with a watermark mark

Marekki Watermark Plugin [M. Malcherek]. This plugin is a German author plugin and it is easy to use. Also, the photos are then signed, if it is disabled.

Marekkis Watermark use:

  • Download Plug-in. Unzip.
    In the folder " watermark "is an image with the file name stempel.png . Open this file with your photo editing program and write in equal your signature. Is a photo that is changed once a water mark on it remains the go-so safe and equal upload your Sig!
    Folder watermark after wp-content/plugins/hochladen.
    Administration Panel ==> Enable Plugins.
    Under Administration Panel ==> Settings you'll see two links, so use you can. (See inset above)

Settings ==> Watermark

I did not make it with a text label to my photos with a watermark. I managed this but none of the Watermark Plugins that promised me this  - why I have not been researched, but use just by the signature image - is fantastic.

Settings ==> Watermark you

Under Path to specify the absolute path to your photos and without a trailing slash at the end, then click Search.

Now you can select any subfolders and then provided either individual images or all of your watermark.

mentioned: do this only if the stempel.png Already your signature , otherwise you have the * default * Sig unchangeable fact!

Have you provided all the photos in all sub-folders with a watermark, you can disable Marekki Watermark Plugin. You can, but you do not have to -

New Photos / Pictures just automatically provided with a water mark.

Marekkis Watermark Plugin provides the opportunity to not, and so it is for new photos that you upload to somehow cumbersome. Stephan Reiter wordpress Scissors not only offers the possibility to tailor the photos and images after uploading yet - hence the name "Shear "for his plugin, but also provide fully automatic water mark - and he understands where he guaranteed German-Austrian German is probably better

  • Scissors download.
  • Unzip.
  • Upload the folder wp-content/plugins.
  • Administration Panel ==> Enable Plugins.
  • Administration Panel ==> Make Settings ==> library settings. I have the picture stempel.png uploaded. So make I just need a picture as signature

Then you upload much like you would a high image / photo and completely automatically, it has a water mark. Do you like this you can not disable it even per image.

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'How to protect your images on wordpress'

  1. Hi

    I have downloaded Marekkis Watermark-Plugin but am not sure now how to add it to my photos? I can see the my logo in settings page but from where I add it to photos? new and old

    thanks a lot

  2. I would suggest WP Content Copy Protection plugin. They also have a premium version with strong image protection. Does a good job. See her: