Genesis Framework for WordPress

on Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Why Genesis?

The question of all questions, right? Here are my answers, why Genesis should use:

Benefits: Content Optimization

  • Promised & High-tested SEO options bring forward your content! Super easy.
  • WordPress really as CMS use, Genesis supports this perfectly
  • Up to 6 layouts possible - so many possibilities ...
  • Many widget areas (Areas) - simply place your unique content
  • Ingenious Featured widgets, plus more useful widgets

Benefits: Speed

  • One of the fastest Frameworks / Parent Themes on the market!
  • Slim markup (HTML markup)
  • Very slim code and file base

Benefits: Time savings

  • Less "tinkering" by practice-relevant functions for Content Optimization
  • Faster Theme Development by Child Theme concept and by hook / filter
  • Fast updates through 1-click function
  • Faster, easier theme changes due to Child Theme Concept

Benefits: Sleep easy - safety!

  • Follows the best WordPress standards
  • Regular safety audits by Mark Jaquith and other WordPress developers
  • No single developer, but it put a core team of developers plus experts from the Genesis community behind
  • Hunter proved thousands of times (at least 350,000 more than 84,000 customer installations!) And constantly being improved
  • Only essential and useful functions in the framework - everything was not necessary is / are removed or swapped out in (official) Plugins - this is the code base is smaller and more secure

Benefits: PROFESSIONAL designs use unlimited

  • Currently, more than 46 official Child Themes in the Pro Plus Package for selection
  • Professional designers are available for top quality and each provides a unique basis for your layout
  • Principle: minimalist - no unnecessary frills, easier, more intuitive, faster
  • & Pay unlimited use (GPL-Lizenz!), once unlimited domains!

Benefits: Easy to adapt

  • Not only with the design theme "Prose" simply change the design :-)
  • Many possibilities with WordPress and Genesis resources board
  • Many simple, concise instructions for special requests for changes
  • Developer: 100% Guarantee documented (PHP) code - unique among competitors!
  • Developer: Genesis consists almost entirely of like WordPress hooks and filters, providing an excellent basis for adjustments and new developments!

Benefits: Explore good repealed feel :)

Automatic updates with 1 click - plus e-mail alerts! Could not be better :)
User Guide - The Ultimate User's Guide (free e-book, PDF)
Premium support from developers and real Genesis experts
Worldwide user and developer community
Ecosystem with numerous third- Child Themes , third-party plugins for additional and special features that many instructions / tutorials etc.
Genesis feels like WordPress. No foreign objects in the dashboard, plus: only a small learning curve. Welcome home! :)

Why a Framework?

Times in general. My reasons:

A simple comparison:

1) WordPress is how the engine or the bottom plate of a car. (So ​​it goes too!)
2) Genesis is then something like the body. (So ​​you can see already what :)
3) Genesis Child Themes are then painted, the final design, the finish! (Thus, it is wonderful!)

It is a wise move, such as a base Genesis Framework to use, as the body of a car to "invent" not every day. But the paint changing perhaps a little more often ...

With regular single-Themes for WordPress you stand with updates - and come more often nowadays - because quite betröppelt. First and foremost, when adjustments to the "original" were made. - Even the WordPress developers and countless serious developers recommend frankly the use of Child Themes. The security update and simplification of the whole process is just a benefit.

There are many other advantages of this concept:

the separation of basic functions on the one hand, the design and user customization on the other hand, is the goal. Here are the main functionalities WordPress itself, leaving the Genesis framework and plugins. The Child Theme takes care of the visual representation of the layout and design. Thereby, it is usually very small. This minimizes maintenance and maintenance costs enormously and ensures fast charging times. The framework needs to be touched only by developers and experts. It carries out its important work in the background.

Any kind of adjustments are made ​​via simple CSS rules or functionality across mount (hooks & filters). This leads to a manageable and clean code base. Also can thus plugins - for the features are here! - Its advantages and perform beyond Framework and Child Theme special requirements. Thus, you are prepared for additional (child) theme change!

So why reinvent the wheel again and again, when you can rely on proven concepts? In the case of Genesis, the concept is now well established Hundred-thousandfold - years and has more than 2.5 - worldwide!

Do with you. I stand ready for your Genesis wishes.