Fire: A multi-protocol instant messenger for OS X

on Tuesday, 1 January 2013


"Fire" is a multi-protocol instant messenger for OS X, the seven popular instant messaging support services, so that users only need to install an IM client to remain in contact with their acquaintances. "Fire" is modifiable and includes all the basic features that a modern IM client should provide the user, such as status messages, block contacts and group chat.

fire instant messenger

The software can

"Fire" is a multi-protocol Instant Messenger, the instant messaging protocols, AIM , ICQ , IRC, Jabber, Google Talk and Apple iChat MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and Apple Bonjour support (also known as Rendezvous). "Fire" has all the essential features of IM clients. We find the management of accounts held in a central account manager annoying blocked contacts, conversations and recorded in the buddy list, contacts can be added, removed or sorted. In conversation window can be set fonts and background colors can also chat with other than just one person, a group chat will start. "Fire" has the ability to post status messages that can see your contacts, for example, even in your absence. "Fire" can be personalized still further, by any themes installed and custom sounds.

The editorial says the net world to Fire

"Fire" is his reputation as a multi-protocol instant messenger. The software supports all major protocols, and provides all the necessary functions. In addition, can "Fire" customize to your personal taste. "Fire" is not developed anymore.

System Requirements

To use "Fire" can be either an Intel Mac or a PowerPC-based Mac with OS X 10.1 (Tiger) requirement.