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on Friday, 11 January 2013
Mimbo Magazine Theme


Mimbo Magazine

This is one of the great free premium Wordpress themes available. The amount of different themes available for WordPress is incredibly large. The past six months, there is a trend going on in higher quality themes. Themes that are also excellent to work as CMS and not just as a blog. I will, starting with this post, from today regularly such Premium Theme to the attention. Currently, there is ample choice from the free versions of these Premium Themes and I will therefore begin, but the paid versions will have their share of attention here.

This Premium Theme that I show is Mimbo by Darren Hoyt:

Darren Hoyt with this layout has the option selected for the CMS, and makes it possible to design a variety of ways to show supplemented with various categories of images. Big advantage of this theme is the ability to some settings, as many colors, adjust via the back end of the theme. Also, the ability to post as a feature to offer makes it possible for a static text to offer on your page. Finally big plus with this theme, besides that it is absolutely free, has the ability to orderly pages with subpages to to offer.