Digsby: chat, email and social networks

on Thursday, 3 January 2013


The software "Digsby" is a multi-protocol instant messenger that brings together chat services, e-mail communication and social networking sites in a program. Thus escapes the user no more news.


The software can

Social networks and chat in Internet are the contact point for millions of online users to get together to exchange. Such applications are now part of every computer and plowed standard accumulate with every new chat providers on the PC.

To prevent ever more applications run in parallel, there is the program "Digsby". This connects the individual messenger services at a central location. Here, all actions for message exchange, as usual run. Also e-mail accounts are available with the software.

The program supports all popular messenger services such as AIM, ICQ , MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and use XMPP / Jabber. Also, you can access it directly via IMAP and POP3 for e-mail accounts from providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or AOL / AIM Mail. A pop-up message informs you of incoming messages. Responses can also write and send directly to digsby.

Through the social networking links you will be kept informed of the latest news of friends up to date. In addition to Facebook and MySpace accounts in the future, other platforms are supported.

The software "Digsby" is still in beta. To test the program, an invitation is necessary. In addition to the Windows version, it will soon also versions for Mac and Linux type.

The editorial says the net world to Digsby

The benefits of the software are obvious. Thanks to the central control of the personal messenger service in question for the user Zeiterspranis and a high degree of interactivity. Internet users and friends to stay in this way stay connected.

System Requirements

The program is suitable for the following operating systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, Windows XP and Vista.