How To Create A Virtual Classroom On The Internet Using Instant Messaging

on Saturday, 19 January 2013
Virtual Classroom

Modern technology allows teachers to start their virtual classrooms for students. This is made ​​possible, through group instant messaging capabilities on the Internet. In the past, instant messaging Appeared When, You Could communiquer Individually, the goal now group conversations are easy to configure and communiquer. As a teacher, you have some choices When setting up a virtual environment for your class. thesis Most of options are free and will not Reduce the budget of your school.

Difficulty: Easy


  • Skype, a company owned by eBay, is a solution VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) great for millions of users worldwide. Skype aussi Provides Their lesser known instant message capabilities, Including group chat, Their members free and paid. It's easy to sign up for a free account. Skype Does not require you download That Their software, purpose ounces you do, everything is a snap. The group messaging service includes year indicator typing, ability to edit messages, and view the group IMs warning messages.
  • Google Talk is a free instant messaging titan of the search engine. You can access the Google Talk Directly From Their Desktop or Gmail. The desktop version is a small download and fingerprints on your computer's memory is tiny. Google Talk offers you the opportunity to invite one or more students in a chat session. Did you and your students Have a Google account, you're ready to start chatting in A Few seconds.
  • Meebo is an instant messaging service based on a browser. The service is flexible, it allows users to Because sign in with credentials Their favorite IM like AIM, Yahoo!, Google, MSN and ICQ. Meebo rooms feature allows anyone with a browser set up a chat room and invite users fast immediately. differs from other IM It services, Because it is based only on a browser and there is no software to download required.


Ask your students what IM services are Already using.
Test of functions on the chat service before each Stock Deploying classroom.
Choose the services best suits your style That of teaching and learning needs of students.