Create an Optin Form to your blog: 7 methods one must absolutely know

on Friday, 18 January 2013

Converting readers into subscribers of its mailing list should be a major concern for any blogger.
If you want to know more about the importance of email marketing, I wrote an article about it:  The Email Marketing explained to Bloggers (and why you're wrong not to use it) .

Also note that I used Aweber  autoresponder service.

We can know how to create an option form without having no knowledge on HTML or CSS

Using the 7 techniques

1. Viperbar


ViperBar is a free plugin that allows you to display a form at the top of your site. Has some incompatibilities while plugins. It can be tried but not recommended.

2. Form integrated WordPress theme

Some WordPress themes incorporates this option. Especially the themes made by marketers who know the importance of email marketing.
Personally, I use Thesis , accompanying a "skin" as  Kolakube. In the case of this blog the form can be revealed to all.
I recommend using Thesis only to those who already have skills with WordPress. Otherwise, it is perhaps not the time.

3. Optinskin

The plugin is not free, but if your blog has professional ambitions, it is really in your best interest. You can also use Optin Skin on all your blogs. The plugin is guarantee "Satisfied or refunded 60 days" and you can test the function by yourself on the sales page .

4. Use Aweber forms


As you now know, is my Aweber autoresponder service preferred. But the forms that are available are not the most suitable (you cannot change the text on the "submit" button sometimes) and are not the most aesthetically pleasing.

To create them, it will take you to go to "Web Forms" and there you created your form. Beginning from "Publish," you must choose "I will install my form" and copy the code (if the javascript does not work, use the HTML). Suffice it and then paste this code into a widget "text" in the sidebar.

There is also a plugin Aweber to facilitate insertion of the form on the blog.

5. Pop-up with Pop up Domination

Pop up Domination brings up a window as you can see on the site Recommended to use on affiliate sites!

6. Code itself

You could pick up forms through the web. In fact our theme should offer  a dedicated space to insert this code.

7. Appeal to a developer

You can find one on or Also try the beginner forum Web-entrepreneur.