Alternatives to the Market: How to get outside of your Google Apps

on Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Google's Android Market is for many users now a valuable feature. But there are things that bother them. For example Appkäufe be done only with the help of Google Checkout or credit card. We show alternatives to the Android Market.

Alternatives to the Market

Google's Android Market works great. There are thousands of apps to choose from, all of which can walk on your own smartphone. But there are some things that bother the user at the Market. For example, you may be dependent on certain apps from Google and there are payment systems, which are not supported by Google. So there is only Google Checkout as a payment method. This is usually a credit card is necessary to have not many users. We show you the best alternatives and how you handle the Android Market.

Market deal: This is how it made!

1. AndroidPIT - the biggest alternative

In the Android Market itself, an application is found with the name "AndroidPIT". This not only an alternative AppStore is meant, but at the same time a magazine which information about Android and official advice to the Apps provides. Several thousand apps can be found in this market alternative. Among them are not only free, but also paid apps, which can be paid with PayPal. The structure of the markets is similar to the official. Users do not get used so great if you want to avoid using the AndroidPIT Market. The Link: Click here for AndroidPIT

2. Opera Mobile Store for Android

Opera has released some time ago a Appstore for Android. This is accessed via the internal Androidbrowser and provides several free and paid apps. To find in it are not only known but also some exotic programs in the Android Market are not as well attended. Opera Mobile apps can be paid with Mobile Pay. Ensure that the amount will be debited directly from the mobile phone bill. This means it is very convenient - just a shame that the mobile store is spread so little. The Link: This way to the Opera Mobile Store

3. Handmark offers a clear AppStore

This specializes in mobile device software service Handmark also has its own Appstore in the program. So you can get the one software company, relates to both naturally identify programs of third publishers. Very beautiful is the clarity of the page, which allows very fast to get the desired program. Also creating a new account is unnecessary. The Android Market, you deal quite easily with your Facebook account. So that you can log in and buy to your hearts content apps. The Link: Click here for the Android store by Handmark

4. SlideMe accept many payment methods

SlideMe is similar to AndroidPIT, another alternative to Android Market. With numerous apps this market really offers wonderful opportunities for all users. The site is very clear and provides the ability to purchase directly from the PC Android apps. Payment can be made ​​here with many payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Click and Buy, and also the classic Transfer. This makes it simple and fast to load the favorite apps to your phone.

Tips and Hints

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