Alternative to Yahoo Messenger

on Thursday, 3 January 2013
Alternative to Yahoo Messenger

 Alternatives to Yahoo Chat

You are looking for an alternative to Yahoo Messenger? Free chat with friends, use stealth mode, PC calls, file sharing, share photos, SMS, emoticons, etc. This list shows some of the products that might be interesting for you.

Below is a list of alternatives and recommendations for Yahoo chat room.

1. Windows Live Messenger

2. aMSN

3. gaim-vv

4. GMX Multi Messenger

5. ICQ

6. Gyachi

7. Instantbird

8. HiYo

9. ManyCam

10. PaltalkScene

11. Pidgin

12. Trillian

13. Nimbuzz

14. Fire

15. Scatter Chat

16. JAJC

17. Digsby

18. Miranda IM

19. Club Cooee

20. WASTE unofficial

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  1. on this list missing is

  2. Thanks for sharing alternatives.
    Just to add new altertive chatroom.
    I would introduce Bakarland.
    Which is launched by Karbakar